This is me.

I would love to tell you where I started or how this all began, and I know that as a talker, it would take too long. What I can you is this, I have been a public school educator since 2007. I am licensed to teach in the State of Delaware. I am certified as an elementary teacher K-5, middle school math, special education K-12, and in Leadership (as in, I could be an administrator).

I have spent the majority of my career working with students with disabilities. I have taught and worked with the most incredible families. There are students that will be forever engraved in my heart and in my mind. Those students and families are not the reasons for this blog, although they connect the past to my present, the reason for all of this is the young man you see pictured at the left. That is my son. When he was in first grade we discovered he has dyslexia. (My mother’s intuition told me this when he was 3 or 4, but when they are that young, everyone tells you they are boys and they are just immature) When we finally got the medical diagnosis, I wanted to learn EVERYTHING I possibly could. Over the past three years, I have dreamed of starting a blog, a social media account, a hotline. I don’t know, but I thought, maybe, just maybe one day I would get the courage to find a way to support other families just like me, other families in their pursuit of knowledge.

I will not claim to be an expert. I will not promise or make claims that I know what is best for your family. I will tell you what works for us. I will share websites and resources that we love. I will open up and share some raw, real-life shit and I hope you will love us, the way we already love you. If you found me, you are looking for answers, you are looking for support, but most importantly, you are looking for HOPE. We can do this together. We can be strong and proud. We will discover, learn, and lead together.

Lots of love,


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