Colton’s Corner

12/12/2020 – Here are some things we have been up to this month. Hard to really get around with the pandemic in the way, but we do what we can outside. We call Colton the “animal whisperer”. All of the creatures and critters love him. Here is a quick video of Colton feeding the Kangaroos at the Barn Hill Preserve in Frankford, Delaware. Colton highly recommends Barn Hill Preserve and wants to go back just to interact with the kangaroos again. He could not believe how soft and friendly the boys were. It was a truly unique experience! We are lucky that these guys are practically are neighbors. (On a side note, a few of the girls and I went to one of the Sippin’ with Sloth experiences. I highly recommend that as well!) Next on Colton’s wish list is the kid friendly Sloth experience and Kangaroo Yogo, all hosted at Barn Hill Preserve as well!

12/1/2020 -Colton cannot wait to share how his dyslexia impacts his thoughts, views, and impressions of toys, recipes, books, and projects. He loves social media and has a million ideas for this page. We promise to bring you fresh content soon.

While you are waiting, would you consider making a donation to Colton’s Corner?

He would like to use the donations for:

  • STEM/STEAM based technology and projects
  • Monthly kids cooking subscription
  • New Books
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Museums
  • Learning Experiences

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